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The Dialectic of Hegel

Two large wind-driven wheels spinning in opposite directions are mounted on a horizontal axle.  The axle is free to rotate in a 360-degree horizontal plane.  A sail/rudder attached to that axle assures that the axle will be in line with the wind and the large wheels will be perpendicular to the wind.

The large wheel is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum.  It is ten feet in diameter.  Twelve large sails capture even the slightest aura so that the wheel is usually moving.

The smaller wheel is five feet in diameter.  With eight sails, it rotates in the opposite direction.  The outside diameter of the smaller wheel exactly coincides with the inside diameter of the sails of the large wheel.  So that, viewed in the direction of the wind, one sees a flashing array of opposing turbines.

Hegel’s dialectic explained “progress” as the resolution of forces.  A driving force, the thesis, was moderated by an opposing force, the antithesis.  Resulting in the end direction, the synthesis.  The motion and position of this work intends to convey that concept.

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