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Whirl-A-SquirrelIn its at-rest position the serpentine tube is at 45 degrees to the vertical pole on which it is mounted.  The structure is almost balanced top and bottom on the pole.  A cylindrical cage at the bottom contains peanuts.  Access for the squirrel is at the top of the tube.  The squirrel climbs up the vertical pole, the up the tube and into the entrance.  As the squirrel climbs the top section of the tube, the machine begins to rotate.  The cage, which had been at the bottom, begins rotation towards the top.  When the squirrel reaches the cage, now at the top, the rotation continues and is accelerated It ‘whips’.

Rotation is on two axes.  As described above, one rotation is in the plane that is 45 degrees to the vertical pole.  The vertical pole rotates in a horizontal plane.  The rudder/sail moves only in the horizontal plane keeping the serpentine facing into the wind.  The wings and elevators allow for almost constant, compound motion with or without squirrel-power.  It banks, rolls and seems to soar.  It is aesthetic and kinetic.

Average daily requirement: 150 ppd (peanuts per day)

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